Octopus in Love

Feelings and Emotions
Little things – One Direction

Christmas teen
Have you ever … ?


Extreme sports


Who I used to be and who I am now
Cinema and films


All about me

Welcome back! We haven’t spoken English for such a long time. You can brush up some conversation using this worksheet.

How to describe a picture
A record on wheels
Free time

What motivates you most? Let’s work on it together.

Black Leaders

Here are all the activities we did in class dealing with racial discrimination. Don’t forget to have a look at the speech “I have a dream”.

Washington DC – American Institutions

Just a short video about famous American landmarks.

Sum up Welcome to the USA

Now download the file and revise or probably study 😉 all the info about the USA which we found out last year

Here you can revise what we studied about Anne Frank last year.

Anne Frank

Download the file and answer all the questions.

This is an interesting video about Animal Farm by George Orwell. Watch it.

Animal Farm video
Animal Farm activities

Now here is something which might help you study the topic. Complete the activities suggested in the file.