Protected: Listening Exam Practice 6

Hi guys, here is the last listening practice. Remember to do the Reading and Writing 6, as well. We’ll see on Monday from 2 to 3.30.

Protected: Listening Exam Practice 5
Protected: Test 2 Listening Training

These are all the activities to focus on understanding: pages 74-75-78-80-82-84

Protected: Test 2 Listening Exam Practice

Here you have all the listening exercises of Test 2 EXAM PRACTICE: pages 76-77-79-81-83-85

Homework for 2nd March
Check your progress

At the end of each Exam Practice, check your answers with the keys I give you and record your score in this file. It’s a good way to check your progress. As for Speaking, I’ll always give you a feedback. Don’t forget to write it down on your progress sheet.

Reading and Writing Part 9 – Practice

Here is a list of tasks to practise Part 9 Reading and Writing: notes, postcards, emails.

Speaking Practice Part 1 – Tell me something about …
Speaking Practice Part 2

Study all the useful phrases and possible questions for Speaking Part 2

Protected: Listening Training 1

This is the recording of all training exercises: pages 34-35-38-40-42-43-44-45

Protected: Listening Exam Practice 1

This is the recording of the Exam Practice 1 we did in class on 23rd February.

Protected: Keys and Tips Listening Exam Practice 1