Uglies143 DownloadsA quick overview on the Dystopian novel and the concept of Beauty. Download Now!

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray139 DownloadsThis is a short guided analysis of some snippets taken from the novel. Part of our project on Beauty. Download Now!

Project: Beauty

Project: Beauty225 DownloadsHere is the presentation of our project on Beauty. Download Now!

Anne Frank – a Graphic Novel

Anne Frank – a Graphic Novel165 DownloadsHere is a short and easy video about the graphic novel Anne Frank. Who was she? What was her family like? What was the historical backdrop in those years? An introduction to our project…

Project: The Strength of the Pen

Project: The Strength of the Pen162 DownloadsThis is a project for students in Year 3. We are going to analyse two literary works: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank and Address Unknown by Kressman Taylor. After an…

Address Unknown by Kressman Taylor

Address Unknown by Kressman Taylor146 DownloadsThese activity sheets are based on the first part of a BBC radio programme about the exchange of fictional letters written by the American Kressman Taylor, 1938. We are going to work on an introduction…


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