British and American Festivities

Here is a module on  Festivities in the Uk and in the USA.  Webquest activities.


We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we know what Black Friday is! Have a look at this activity to learn something more about the American festivity.

Bonfire Night

Remember Remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder Treason and Plot. We see no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. Let’s find out what this rhyme means to British people. Webquest activity.



Webquest to learn something more about Halloween, the scariest night of the year.

2020 – US Elections

Do you want to know something more about the American Elections? This is an easy worksheet  about the constitutional qualifications to be an eligible candidate, the two main political parties and their candidates.

I wanna be the President of the USA

Fun facts about the US President. Do you wanna be the President, too? Find it out with a just – for – fun personality quiz at the end of the worksheet.

The White House

Here is a worksheet about one of the most iconic residence in the world.

Summer 2020 Year 1

FIRST OF ALL: Leggi il PDF di sintesi per le indicazioni del lavoro estivo. Qui troverai anche i link alle varie attività. Buona estate!!!

The Store to Explore

GRUPPO B: Summer activities to brush up your English

Skills Workshop Summer

GRUPPO A + B: Schede di rinforzo delle abilità di Listening Reading Writing and Speaking delle basilari funzioni della Classe Prima

Hobbies and Sports

An – eight hour module on Pastimes and Sports. Integrated skills: Listening, Reading and Writing, Grammar: can, adverbs of manner and like love hate.

Recipes and Food Waste

A six – hour module on listening, reading and writing about Recipes and Food Waste. Integrated grammar videolesson on the Imperative and exercises to practise.

Food Waste: Read and Write

An activity sheet on Food Waste: from a video to a text to improve reading and writing skills.

Recipe: Watch and Read

An activity sheet on listening and writing skills: from watching a video to writing a recipe.

Food and Drinks

A five – hour module about Food and Drinks: vocabulary and skills (reading, listening and writing). Grammar focus and practice on uncountable and countable nouns, some and any, how much and how many.

A 10 – year – old in Norman Times

Identity Match
Hall of Fame

Here is an activity about a wonderful song by the Script. You can watch the video on YouTube.

Actors and Cinema

Here is a prompt to speak about your favourite actor

What time is it, please?

Credits to Ms Silvestri

What do you look like?
Describing people

Christmas traditions
Christmas worksheet

The White House

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Webquest

Countries and nationalities

Sun goes down
Welcome to Redhill
School Uniform
The date

Here is a file to revise the date in British and American English, cardinal and ordinal numbers. Credits to Ms Silvestri



Here is your English teacher… have a look.


This is me

Let’s start to get to know each other. Have a look at the activity below. Get ready to introduce yourself at school.

Here is some new vocabulary about school objects. In this video you’ll find more words than in our coursebook, so watch out!

Which food am I?

What is your favourite food and drink? Play with the worksheet below.

Have you ever been to London? Watch this nice video and you’ll get an idea of how lovely this city is.

And if you want to watch this video about London, we are going to talk about it soon at school.

English Football

Do you like football? How much do you know about British football teams? Who are the Gunners? And if I say Red Devils? Read the file below.