Thanksgiving191 DownloadsWe don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we know what Black Friday is! Have a look at this activity to learn something more about the American festivity. Download Now!


Halloween178 DownloadsWebquest to learn something more about Halloween, the scariest night of the year. Download Now!

2020 – US Elections

2020 – US Elections194 DownloadsDo you want to know something more about the American Elections? This is an easy worksheet  about the constitutional qualifications to be an eligible candidate, the two main political parties and their candidates. Download Now!

The USA Activity Pack

The USA Activity Pack213 DownloadsA 10 – hour – module for Year 1 on US Elections to find out something more about the White House, the President and the American Elections. Integrated skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Download Now!

I wanna be the President of the USA

I wanna be the President of the USA171 DownloadsFun facts about the US President. Do you wanna be the President, too? Find it out with a just – for – fun personality quiz at the end of the worksheet. Download…

The White House

The White House179 DownloadsHere is a worksheet about one of the most iconic residence in the world. Download Now!

Skills Workshop Summer

Skills Workshop Summer265 DownloadsGRUPPO A + B: Schede di rinforzo delle abilità di Listening Reading Writing and Speaking delle basilari funzioni della Classe Prima Download Now!

Hobbies and Sports

Hobbies and Sports256 DownloadsAn – eight hour module on Pastimes and Sports. Integrated skills: Listening, Reading and Writing, Grammar: can, adverbs of manner and like love hate. Download Now!


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