Recipes and Food Waste

Recipes and Food Waste110 DownloadsA six – hour module on listening, reading and writing about Recipes and Food Waste. Integrated grammar videolesson on the Imperative and exercises to practise. Download Now!

Food Waste: Read and Write

Food Waste: Read and Write60 DownloadsAn activity sheet on Food Waste: from a video to a text to improve reading and writing skills. Download Now!

Recipe: Watch and Read

Recipe: Watch and Read54 DownloadsAn activity sheet on listening and writing skills: from watching a video to writing a recipe. Download Now!


Imperative62 DownloadsEsercizi di impiego dell’imperativo di seconda persona singolare e plurale. Download Now!

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks129 DownloadsA five – hour module about Food and Drinks: vocabulary and skills (reading, listening and writing). Grammar focus and practice on uncountable and countable nouns, some and any, how much and how many. Download Now!

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable and Uncountable Nouns78 DownloadsEsercizi su: nomi numerabili e non; aggettivi / pronomi some e any e domande con how much e how many. Download Now!

Frequency Adverbs

Frequency Adverbs133 DownloadsEsercizi meccanici sugli avverbi di frequenza nelle frasi affermative. Download Now!


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